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  Miscellaneous Environmental   Radiation meters/detectors, mercury vapor analyzers, thermal imagers, survey equipment (GPS instruments), and x-ray fluorescent analyzers are available through TRS-Environmental. Tubing, gloves, bailers, in-line filters, rope, calibration gases, colorimetric tubes, reagent kits and other field accessories are available from TRS-Environmental. Please call for pricing and availability.
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Pipe & Cable Locators Thermal Imagers
Radiation Meters & Detectors XRF Analyzers
Survey & Measuring
Manufacturer Model Description AvailabilityFor Sale
Bruker AXS, Inc. S1 TURBO SDR Handheld XRF Analyzer CallX
Davis Instruments 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station with Software & Tripod Immediate ShipX
DeWalt DW0736 Aluminum Construction Tripod Immediate ShipX
FLIR InfraCAM SD Thermal Imager, Built-In LaserLocatIR Immediate ShipX
FLIR ThermaCAM T400 Thermal Camera, LaserLocatIR Immediate ShipX
FLIR i50 Thermal Imager, Fusion Picture-in-Picture, Built-In Lamp & Laser Immediate ShipX
FLIR i60 Thermal Imager, Scalable Picture-in-Picture, Built-In Lamp & Laser, Laser Marker Function, Auto Hot/Cold Immediate ShipX
Fluke TI25 Thermal Imager, On-Screen Emissivity Correction, Voice Annotation Immediate ShipX
Fluke TI30 Thermal Imager, Single Laser Immediate ShipX
Fluke TI32 Thermal Imager, VOx Balometer, Voice Annotation Immediate ShipX
Fluke TI45FT-20 Thermal Imager, VOx Uncooled Microbalometer, IR-Fusion, Video Immediate ShipX
Fluke TI55FT-20 Thermal Imager CallX
Ludlum M2241 - 44-9 Digital Scaler/Ratemeter, Pancake G-M Detector Immediate ShipX
Ludlum M3 - 44-2 Meter 3, NaI Gamma Scintillator Immediate ShipX
Ludlum M3 - 44-2 - 44-9 Meter 3, NaI Gamma Scintillator, G-M Pancake Detector Immediate ShipX

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