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TRS-Environmental stocks a wide variety of the supplies you need to complete your project. Calibration supplies and solutions, field supplies, personal-safety items, sampling supplies, accessories and much more are available for purchase, on a standalone basis, or with your rental order. Our inventory is constantly updated.

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Calibration Gas - Reactive & Non-Reactive Mixes Scope Solder-in Tips
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Calibration Solutions Soil Sampling Accessories
Cleaning Supplies Soil Sampling Parts (AMS)
Colorimetric Tubes Spill Containment
Fixed Systems Parts & Accessories Tedlar Bags
IAQ Monitoring & Sampling Accessories Tubing - Bonded
In-Line Disposable Filters Tubing - Flexible & Resistant
Multi-Gas Meter Parts & Accessories Tubing - Fluoropolymer & Lined
PID/FID Parts & Accessories Tubing - High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
PPE - Clothing Tubing - Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
PPE - Eye Protection Tubing - Silicone
PPE - Gloves Water Monitoring Bottles & Supplies
PPE - Head and Face Protection Water Monitoring Reagent Sets
PPE - Hearing Protection Water Monitoring Replacement Parts
PPE - Radiation Dosimetry Water Sampling Bottles & Supplies
PPE - Respiratory Protection Water Sampling Supplies for Bladder Pumps
Respirator Fit Test Accessories Waterra Inertial Pumping Systems
Rite-in-the-Rain Well Caps and Plugs

Part # DescriptionUnitSale PriceQty
0.500-INCH-HDPE-1000.375-Inch ID x 0.500-Inch OD HDPE Tubing, 100-Foot Roll (Minimum Burst Pressure: 200 psi at 75 F)Roll$27.00
0.625-INCH-HDPE-1000.5-Inch ID x 0.625-Inch OD HDPE Tubing, 100-Foot Roll (Minimum Burst Pressure: 200 psi at 75 F)Roll$35.00
0.625-INCH-HDPE-2000.5-Inch ID x 0.625-Inch OD HDPE Tubing, 200-Foot Roll (Minimum Burst Pressure: 200 psi at 75 F)Roll$71.00
0.625-INCH-HDPE-5000.5-Inch ID x 0.625-Inch OD HDPE Tubing, 500-Foot Roll (Minimum Burst Pressure: 200 psi at 75 F)Roll$169.00
0010.0371/8-Inch ID x 1/4-Inch OD Tygon R-3603 Tubing, 50-Foot Roll, No SpoolRoll$38.00
0015.0371/8-Inch ID x 1/4-Inch OD Tygon R-1000 Tubing; 50-Foot Roll, No SpoolRoll$45.00
0015.0711/4-Inch ID x 3/8-Inch OD Tygon R-1000 Tubing; 50-Foot Roll, No SpoolRoll$75.00
002-3008-000RAE Organic Vapor Zeroing Kit, MiniRAE Lite (MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE Plus, UltraRAE, VRAE)Kit$63.00
002-3022-000RAE External Filter (MiniRAE Lite, MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE, UltraRAE, VRAE)Each$4.25
002-3022-010RAE External Filters + 1 Metal Connector (45 mm, 0.45 um), Pack of 10 (MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE, UltraRAE, VRAE)Pack$52.00
003-3004-000RAE Car Charger, All Except EntryRAEEach$33.00
0051450TROLL Battery PackEach$517.40
0052230In-Situ Small Desiccant, Issue as each.Each$60.00
0055050In-Situ LT300 BackShell Kit, TwistLockEach$98.00
005580YSI Confidence Solution (Conductivity, pH and ORP), 500mLEach$22.00

Popular Models

RAE Systems   VRAE
Standard 4-Gas Monitor, Flow Rate: 400 cc/min, Data Logging (Intrinsically Safe)

Geotech   Geo 82050042
100-Foot Interface Probe

Ion Science   GasClam
In-Situ Borehole Gas Monitor

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