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Financial Option Plans

Choose the equipment acquisition plan from TRS-Environmental that works best for you.
If you're responsible for acquiring sampling and monitoring equipment for your company, find out about the options available to you:
Rental programs including:
  • Rental - by the day, the week or the month
  • No Risk Rental - our "rent-to-own program
  • Total Care - this long term rental program gives you the benefits of ownership without the hassles
Lease programs:
  • 0% Flexible Financing - our "no interest" program includes a cancellation option for maximum flexibility!
  • Technology Investment program - for a lease that is tailor made to fit your needs
Purchase from Argus-Hazco:
  • New Equipment Purchase - buy the latest technology from leading manufacturers
  • Used Equipment Purchase - for huge discounts on the equipment you use
To choose the right acquisition option for your needs, please consult our Table of Options
Call Argus-Hazco the next time you need environmental monitoring or sampling equipment.  We'll be happy to show you how we can save you both time and money.  When you call, an expert will answer your questions, offer suggestions, verify equipment availability, check shipping schedules, and coordinate your order.  Find out how tax laws favor renting and leasing.

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Rental Programs
Argus-Hazco offers a variety of rental programs to meet your financial and equipment needs. Rentals allow you to acquire the equipment you need and preserve your capital and credit lines for other expenditures. There may be tax benefits as well. Rental payments are normally treated as an operating expense, and costs can be assigned to specific projects.

Rent with Confidence. When you rent from Argus-Hazco, you can select from the latest technology from the leading equipment manufacturers. Equipment is expertly maintained and calibrated in our ISO 9001-2008 registered lab. If anything comes up during the rental, we're just a phone call away when you need us - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
When you rent from Argus-Hazco,
  • We offer competitive daily, weekly and monthly rates - and we'll automatically charge the lowest rate based on how long you have the equipment
  • Order as late as 8:00 PM Central time for next day delivery in the US
  • You won't be charged rental while the equipment is in transit to you
  • Use our round trip shipping service and take advantage of pre-printed return labels, our low shipping rates, and free transit time for your equipment return.
No Risk Rental
When your rental term is uncertain, and owning the equipment may be an option, our No Risk Rental is the right program for you.  Rent the products for a day, a week or several months.  If you decide to purchase, apply 50% of your rental payments toward the purchase, up to a maximum of 80% of the purchase price.
  • No Risk Rental is available on nearly all of our rental products
  • No extra paper work is required - just ask for No Risk Rental when you order
  • There's no term commitment, you may return the equipment at any time with no penalty
  • Full service is included - our Customer Care Center is available 24 x 7 to help with your service needs
Total Care
Enjoy the convenience of in-house inventory without the hassles and restrictions of owning your own equipment! Our Total Care program puts the equipment in your hands and leaves the work to us.

With Total Care, you sign up for 12 months and your low monthly payment includes:
  • Full-time usage of the equipment
  • Service and repair
  • Calibration and annual certification
  • Training (if necessary)
At the end of 12 months, you can:
  • Keep the equipment on a month-to-month basis at the same low monthly rate
  • Extend your program for another 12 months, and cut your rental rate in half
  • Upgrade to the next generation product, at the same low monthly rate for another 12 months
  • Return the equipment with no further obligation
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Lease Programs
Whether you have a long term project, are concerned about equipment obsolescence, or simply want to conserve your equipment budget, Argus-Hazco has a lease program to fit your needs.  Call us with your next requiremnt and let us customize a program just for you.
Argus-Hazco tailors your program to suite your needs. We offer highly-flexible Technology Investment Plans (TIPs), including our 0% Flexible Financing, that allow low monthly rates and a wide array of purchase and service upgrade options.
Preserve your capital
You acquire the equipment you need, and you preerve your credit lines for other expenditures. Renting-to-own and leasing let you maintain your borrowing power and require less up-front cash
Customer support
We're just a phone call away when you need us - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Tax benefits
Lease payments are normally treated as an operating expense, and costs can be assigned to specific projects. We can structure operating or finance leases to suit your needs.
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Purchase Programs
Stay ahead of the game - buy from Argus-Hazco!

If you need to purchase equipment . . . call us first. Argus-Hazco sells a wide variety of both new and previously-rented environmental products made by the world's foremost manufacturers. We stock a wide variety of gas detection equipment, indoor air quality instruments, industrial hygience units, water monitoring and sampling equipment, personal safety items and much, much more. There are hundreds of models in our inventory, attractively priced and immediately available. We usually have just what you're looking for, and we get it to you fast - we can ship the same day on most orders. Plus, we offer you financing options, limited warranties, and the full service support of Argus-Hazco's technical team on every piece of equipment you buy.

When you purchase previously rented instruments from Argus-Hazco, you're way ahead of the game:
  • Costs can be substantially less than that of new equipment - often as much as 50 - 90% less
  • We sell only high-quality equipment that has been maintained and checked to original factory standards
  • Equipment is fully configured to your customized specifications.
  • Each and every unit is thoroughly tested and the operational performance is verified
  • We can provide equipment warranties for up to 180 days. Extended Service plans are also available
  • A variety of flexible financing options are offered offered
Pruchase the latest in environmental monitoring and sampling equipment at competitive prices:
  • Select from a wide variety of in-stock equipment and avoid lead times from the manufacturer
  • Equipment is brand new and covered by the full manufacturer's warranty
  • Our purchase prices are competitively priced
  • A variety of financing options are available
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