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Total Care
Technology Just Became More Affordable...
Argus-Hazco puts an end to the problems of owning your inventory.

Tired of the hassles of servicing and maintaining your environmental equipment? Frustrated with using multiple vendors to stock up for your project? Want to be sure you're using the latest technology?
Start up for 12 months and one low monthly payment includes:
  • Full time usage of the equipment
  • Service and repair (24 x 7 service line and overnight replacements
  • Calibration and annual certification
  • Training (if necessary)
At the end of 12 months, you can:

  • Continue renting on a month-to-month basis at the same low monthly rate
  • Extend your program for another 12 months and cut your rate in half
  • Upgrade to the next generation of your equipment at the same monthly rate for another 12 months
  • Return the equipment with no further obligation
Total Care is available on most products in our inventory, including:
 Arizona InstrumentsHoribaNitonSchoenstedt
 Blue-White Industries In-SituPhotovacSensidyne
 CasellaIon ScienceProActive PumpsSolinst
 GeotechMarsh-McBirneyRAE Systems YSI
 Hach  And more
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