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Ludlum M2241 - 44-9 Digital Scaler/Ratemeter, Pancake G-M Detector

Ludlum - M2241 - 44-9 Digital Scaler/Ratemeter, Pancake G-M Detector

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The Ludlum Model 2241 Digital Scaler/Ratemeter is a portable general-purpose survey meter equipped with a Pancake Geiger-Mueller Detector for measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The Model 2241 operated in either Ratemeter Mode with a moving decimal point or 6-digit in Scaler Mode. The unit has both visual and audible alarms. The Ludlum Model 44-9 G-M Pancake G-M Detector will detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation in mR. Its size and shape provide easy handling for surveying or personnel monitoring. The detector is energy dependent, over responding by a factor of six in the 60 keV to 100 keV range when normalized to 137Cs. This combination ratemeter and detector ship with a carrying case and certificate of calibration. An operating manual is available upon request.



Qty. Description
1 1 micron Cs Check Source
1 Instruction Manual for Model 2241 Survey Meter
1 Small Storm Case
1 Straight "C" Cable, 39 Inches
1 Instruction Manual for 44-9 Detector
1 Pancake G-M Detector
2 "D" Alkaline Battery (1.5 Volt)

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