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RAE Systems GammaRAE II R Gamma Radiation Detector, Full-Range Dosimeter, Data Logging (Intrinsically Safe)

RAE Systems - GammaRAE II R Gamma Radiation Detector, Full-Range Dosimeter, Data Logging (Intrinsically Safe)

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The GammaRAE II R is a gamma radiation detector and full-range dosimeter in a single instrument. Designed specifically to meet the needs of first responders, it has the rapid response of a detector and the accurate dose measurement of a dosimeter.  A Bluetooth device is required to transfer data from the GammaRAE II R to a PC.

Part No. 047-0501-000


Radiation Sensors: 3cc CsI (TI) with Photodiode (Low Channel) Energy-Compensated PIN Diode (High Channel)
Energy Range: 0.06 to 3.0 MeV
Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) Range for 137Cs: 1 uR/h to 600 R/h (0.01 uSv/h to 6 Sv/h)
Accuracy of DER: +/-20%
Dosage Range: 1 uR to 999.9 R (0.01 uSv to 9.9 Sv)
Background Reference: Background Level Reference Set Automatically on Start-Up (Search Mode Only), Plus User-Initiated as Needed
Calibration: None required. Periodic Functional Test Recommended Using 1 uCi & 16 uCi 137Cs Check Sources.
Display: 1.2-Inch x 0.75-Inch LCD; CPS or Dosage Rate in Divisions of R/h or Sv/h; Readout: Dose Rate, Peak, Min, Total Dose, Battery Status, Time, Temperature
Time to Alarm: <2 Seconds
Alarms: Loud Audible Buzzer (85+ dB @ 30 cm); Built-In Vibration Alarm; and, Highly Visible LED Lights on Both Sides of LCD Graphic Display
Dose Rate Alarm Settings: Search Mode (Alarm Threshold Based on Variations in Local Background Level) & Safety Mode (User-Programmable Low & High Alarm Thresholds)
Dose Alarm Settings: Safety Mode & Stay Time (Alarms Vary by Time: 3 Min to 2 Hrs, Once per Minute; <3 Min, Once Every 5 Sec; 0 Min & Beyond, Same as Dose Alarm)
Data Log: 30,000 Data Points (20 Days at 60-Second Intervals), Continuous or Event-Driven, User-Programmable Interval (1 to 3,600 Seconds)
Communication: Built-In Bluetooth Radio Interfaces with Computer for Datalog Download & Configuration Changes
Power: AA Alkaline Batteries
Operating Time: Up to 600 Hours
Intrinsically Safe: Certified to Meet Class I, Div. I, Groups A, B, C, D, T4 ATEX II IG EEx ia IIC T4
Weight: 9.5 oz (270 g)


Qty. Description
1 ProRAE Studio II Software
1 Software Resource CD
1 Black Battery Door Cover (with Allen Head Screw)
1 User's Guide
1 Allen Wrench
1 Belt Clip Assembly
1 Bluetooth Dongle Drivers
2 "AA" Alkaline Battery (1.5 Volt)
1 Micro Bluetooth USB Dongle

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