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RKI Instruments M-Series Electrochemical Transmitter, Carbon Monoxide (CO), 0 to 300 ppm (Non Explosion Proof)

RKI Instruments - M-Series Electrochemical Transmitter, Carbon Monoxide (CO), 0 to 300 ppm (Non Explosion Proof)

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The RKI low cost CO transmitter is a highly reliable and very cost effective basic 4-20 mA transmitter for the detection of carbon monoxide. The electronics are protected inside a plastic enclosure to avoid damage from mechanical abuse, water, dust or corrosion. Sensors for CO are long life and typically last 2 - 3 years. The transmitter operates from 24 VDC (11VDC to 30 VDC), and provides a 4-20 mA signal which can be connected to a wide variety of controllers. The low cost CO can be used either indoors or in semi-enclosed areas. The only tools required to calibrate the low cost CO transmitter are a voltmeter, screwdriver, and calibration gas. The zero and calibration functions are performed by adjusting potentiometers on the amplifier board. The amplifier board has test jacks for the connection of a voltmeter for calibration purposes, and the sensor response is viewed on the voltmeter as a 100mV to 500mV signal. Field calibration can be performed easily and quickly by one person.

Part No. 65-2434RK


CO Range: 0 to 300 ppm
Maximum Current Draw: 25mA (2 Wire System)
Signal Output: 4-20mA
Response Time: 45 Seconds to 90% of Reading
Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Operating Temperature: 0 F to 120 F
Relative Humidity: 0 to 99% RH
Enclosure: Plastic, Water/Dust Resistant
Power: 11 Volt DC to 30 Volt DC
Controls: Span or Zero


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