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TSI Model 8535 Environmental Enclosure for DustTrak II or DustTrak DRX

TSI - Model 8535 Environmental Enclosure for DustTrak II or DustTrak DRX

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The custom designed, weatherproof Environmental Enclosure protects the DustTrak II and DustTrak DRX Aerosol Monitor Models 8530, 8531, and 8533, TSI portable, battery-operated, laser photometers that measure and record airborne dust concentrations. This wind- and rain-proof environmental enclosure allows you to make the same accurate and precise measurements outdoors and in harsh industrial environments. The optional internal battery system includes two extended-life batteries, which allow 24-hour operation for long-term unattended sampling (this is a separate rental). The Environmental Enclosure comes with an omni-directional sampling inlet specifically designed to sample efficiently in a broad range of wind conditions. The inlet on the enclosure samples most efficiently from 0 to 22 mph. The enclosure can be mounted to a standard surveyor tripod (using a 5/8-inch thread). Included Items: Environmental Enclosure; Battery Charger; and Water Trap. Optional Rental: DustTrak II, DustTrak DRX or Internal Battery System.

Features and Benefits:

  • 360-Degree Omni-Directional Sampling Inlet
  • Efficient Sampling in a Broad Range of Wind Conditions (Up to 22 mph)
  • Extended-Life Battery for Continuous 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Protection from Wind and Rain
  • Field Portable
  • Enclosure Provides Additional Protection and Security to the Instrument


Sampling Conditions: Wind Speed 0 to 22 mph (0 to 36 kph); Operating Temperature 32 F to 120 F (0 to 50 C)
External Dimensions: 8.1 x 16.9 x 20.6 inches (21 x 43 x 52 cm)
Power Requirements: Internal Battery Pack is 12 VDC (36 Ah); Run Time 24 to 40 (Typical); Charge Time 8 Hours at 72 F (22 C)


Qty. Description
1 Transport Inlet Plug
4 Velcro Strap
1 Conductive Sampling Tubing, 1 foot
1 Tripod Mount Screw Plug Wrench
1 Gland, Straight; Neoprene 5 to 12 mm
1 Locknut; 13.5 mm; PG; Polyamide 6 (for gland)
1 Tripod Mount Screw Plug
1 Water Trap Bottle
1 USB Thru Port
2 Seal Cap for Environmental Enclosure
1 Model 8535 Operation and Service Manual
1 12 VDC Weatherproof Power Adapter (90 to 130/265 VAC)
0 12 VDC Weatherproof Power Adapter (170 to 250 VAC)
1 Internal DC Power Cable
1 Inlet Fitting for Sample Tubing
0 Antenna Cable Fitting Plug
1 Aerosol Sample Inlet Assembly
1 Plastic Threaded Plugs for Flareless Tube and Nut Assemblies

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