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Bladder Pumps

  Water Sampling Equipment   Bladder pumps provide consistent, accurate, reliable groundwater samples in all applications. Ensuring no air/water contact during operation, bladder pumps are ideal for VOC sampling. Inexpensive polyethylene bladders are available and great for sampling multiple wells; Teflon? bladders are ideal for dedication. Bladder pumps are effective even in angled boreholes, to depths of 500 feet. They are EPA-accepted for low flow sampling, and have proven to deliver superior sample accuracy and precision in dozens of independent studies.
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Geotech Solinst
Manufacturer Model Description AvailabilityFor Sale
Geotech geocontrol PRO Control Unit, Mini-Compressor & 0.85-Inch Stainless Steel Bladder Pump Immediate ShipX
Geotech geocontrol PRO - Steel Case Control Unit, Mini-Compressor & 1.66-Inch Stainless Steel Bladder Pump Immediate ShipX
QED 3020 12 Volt DC Air Compressor Unit Immediate ShipX
QED 38373 Teflon Conversion Kit for 1.75-Inch Sample Pro MicroPurge Call
QED MP-SP-4P 1.75-Inch Stainless Steel Bladder Pump Call
QED MP-SPK-4P 1.75-Inch Stainless Steel Bladder Pump, Consultant's Kit Call
QED MP10 MicroPurge Basics Controller, 120 psi Immediate ShipX
QED MP10H MicroPurge Basics Controller, 300 psi Call
QED MP15 MicroPurge Control Power Pack, 120 psi Immediate ShipX
QED MP30-150 MicroPurge 150-Foot Drawdown/Water Level Meter Call
QED MP40 Oil-Less Air Compressor Immediate ShipX
QED MP40-2 Air Compressor Hose Reel Option, MP40 Immediate ShipX
QED MP50 MicroPurge Basics Controller & 12 Volt DC Compressor Immediate Ship
QED SP-3-4-PK 0.75-Inch Stainless Steel Bladder Pump, Consultant's Kit Immediate ShipX
QED ST1102PM 1.66-Inch Well Wizard Dedicated Bladder Pump, Stainless Steel Immediate ShipX

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