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Accessories used in indoor air monitoring and sampling applications include probe stands, particle generators, sampling filters (glass fiber, mixed cellulose ester [MCE], Teflon [PTFE], polyvinyl chloride [PVC], etc.), cassette blanks and holders, and particulate, bioaerosol and passive samplers.
Part # DescriptionUnit 
010-3006-000LP-1200 Accessory Kit (3 Rubber Inlets & Filters, 2 Gaskets, Lubricant)Each 
050-0020-000RAE 9.8eV Lamp, 1/2-InchEach 
187-466XRF Sample Cells (100 Cups/Ring/Ventable Reservoir Cap), Double Open Ended, 32mm OD, 12mL This is a consumable item and cost of replacement will be billed.Each 
3M-35003M Passive Air Monitoring Badge, Organic VAP (Monitor Only)Each 
400517Sensidyne Soft Pump Carrier, Multi-PumpEach 
65-TAB-008RKI Detection Tablets for FP-30, Box of 20 (1 Test Each)Box 
701-0002-000Soft Carry Case for LP-1200Each 
783-0012-01-RSensidyne Gilian Rechargeable Battery Pack (7.2 Volt NiMH)Each 
800148Sensidyne Dual Manifold Kit, 6x70mm (Standard Charcoal Tube)Kit 
800149Sensidyne Single Constant Flow Control Kit, 6 x 70mm (Standard Charcoal Tube)Kit 
800252Sensidyne Single Variable Flow Starter Kit (Includes 6x70mm, 7-10x110mm, 7-10x150mm, 7-10x175)Kit 
800253Sensidyne Single Variable Flow Kit, 6 x 70mm (for Standard Charcoal Tube)Kit 
800255Sensidyne Single Variable Flow Kit, 7-10 x 110mmKit 
800259Sensidyne Single Constant Flow Control Kit, 7-10 x 110mmKit 
800518Sensidyne Low-Flow Module, Blue, Constant Flow (GilAir-3/GilAir-5), Single Tube (20 to 500 cc/min)Each 

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