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IAQ Monitors

  Indoor Air Quality   Indoor air quality monitors provide quick and accurate information to assess key IAQ parameters.
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Extech TSI
RKI Instruments
Manufacturer Model Description AvailabilityFor Sale
Extech MO290 Pinless Moisture Psychrometers + IR Thermometer Immediate ShipX
RKI Instruments FP-30 Formaldehyde Detector, 0 to 0.4 ppm & 0 to 1.0 ppm, Photometry Method Immediate ShipX
TSI 6200 LoFlo Balometer, 16- by 16-Inch Capture Hood CallX
TSI 8455-06 Air Velocity General Purpose Transducer, 6-Inch Probe CallX
TSI 8465-06 Air Velocity Windowless Transducer, 6-Inch Probe CallX
TSI 8475-06 Air Velocity Omnidirectional Transducer, 6-Inch Probe CallX
TSI 966 Articulating Probe, Air Velocity, Temperature and Humidity Immediate ShipX
TSI 982 Straight Probe, CO, CO2 and Relative Humidity Immediate ShipX
TSI 9880D Velometer Thermal Anemometer (Intrinsically Safe) CallX
TSI 995 Rotating Vane Probe, Air Velocity and Temperature CallX
TSI AVM410 Velometer Thermal Anemonmeter, Temperature CallX
TSI AccuBalance 8371 Micromanometer, 2- by 2-Foot Air Capture Hood CallX
TSI AccuBalance 8375 Micromanometer, 2- by 2-Foot Air Capture Hood, Data Logging CallX
TSI DP-Calc 5815 Micromanometer, Pressure & Velocity CallX
TSI DP-Calc 5825 Micromanometer, Pressure, Velocity, Flow, Data Logging CallX

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