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Ear protection include devices such as ear muffs or ear plugs that reduce the intensity of the noise entering your ear. Ear protection will carry a NIOSH Noise Reduction Rating, or "NRR", which indicates how much the noise level you experience is reduced (in decibels), when the device is properly used.
Part # DescriptionUnit
CAS310-1060AOSafety Single Use E-A-R Classic Cylinder Shaped PVC & Foam Uncorded Earplugs, Box of 30 Pair. Issued by the box.Box
RAD64051840Radnor Orange Banded Earplug, NRR21 (Intermittent or Low Levels of Noise); Three Positions for Wear; Fold Down for Pocket-Sized StorageEach
SFT0050050 Pairs of Soft Memory Foam Gray-Colored Ear TipsSet
SST0050050 Pairs of Reusable Salmon-Colored Silicon Ear TipsSet

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