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    TRS-Environmental stocks a wide variety of the supplies you need to complete your project. Calibration supplies and solutions, field supplies, personal safety items, sampling supplies, accessories and much more are available for purchase on a standalone bases or with your rental order. Our inventory is constantly updated. Please contact us if the items you’re looking for are not listed.


Part # DescriptionUnit
3MRM-MB3123M Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom 3 Inches by 12 FeetEach
5TR10Oil-Dri Middle Weight Oil Sorbent Roll, Gallons Sorbed per Package 46, Dimension 30 Inches x 150 FeetPkg
5TR18Oil-Dri Heavy Weight Oil Sorbent Pad, Gallons Sorbed per Package 78, Dimension 30 x 40 Inches, Package 50Pkg
5TR23Oil-Dri Oil Sorbent Pillow, Length 18 Inches, Gallons Sorbed per Package 13, 8 Inches Depth, Polyethylene Fill, Package 4Pkg
BRDSPC100Brady SPC Oil Sorbent Heavyweight Pad - 15-Inch X 19-Inch, 100 Per Bale (Absorb up to 25 times their weight in petroleum and non-water based liquids; wring out for re-use.)Pkg

Popular Models

RAE Systems   VRAE
Standard 4-Gas Monitor, Flow Rate: 400 cc/min, Data Logging (Intrinsically Safe)

Geotech   Geo 82050042
100-Foot Interface Probe

Ion Science   GasClam
In-Situ Borehole Gas Monitor

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