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Water monitoring supplies include cylinders, cells, flasks, droppers, pipets, pipet tips, etc., and anything needed to assist the user in collecting, digesting, diluting and/or monitoring water streams.
Part # DescriptionUnit 
0286-4LaMotte Test Tubes (4-Pack), 2020we TurbidimeterPack 
0290-110 mL Sample Vial for 2020e TurbidimeterEach 
0376LaMotte Direct Reading Titrator, 0-1 Range, 1.0 mLEach 
0377LaMotte Direct Reading Titrator, Range: 0 to 10 mLEach 
0416LaMotte Glass Graduated Cylinder, 10 mLEach 
0608LaMotte Glass Titration Tube (with Cap), 5-10-12.9-15-20-25 mLEach 
0688LaMotte Plastic Water Sample Bottle (60 mL), 2020we TurbidimeterEach 
0688-DOLaMotte Glass Water Sample Bottle (60 mL), 2020we TurbidimeterEach 
0699LaMotte Measuring Spoon, 0.1 gramEach 
12792-49HACH Nitrogen-Nitrate Standard Solutions as NO3-N (NIST), 1000 mg/L, 500 mL BottleEach 
145201HACH Hardness (Total) Test Kit, Model HA-71A, Drop Count Titration, Dual Range, 100 TestsKit 
14574-42HACH Glass Flask, Volumetric Class A, 100 mLEach 
147011HACH pH Test Kit, Model 17N, Color Disc, 4 to 10 pH, 300 TestsKit 
1690001HACH Digital Titrator, 0.00125 mL/Digit (Case, Manual & 5 Straight Delivery Tubes)Kit 
1720LaMotte USB Cable, 3-FootEach 

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