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We carry a variety of replacement parts for water monitoring equipment. As a distributor for HACH, Horiba, Solinst and YSI, we have access to any parts needed for your repairs. Call us at 800-532-3381 if you don't see your part listed here.
Part # DescriptionUnit
0052230In-Situ Small Desiccant, Issue as each.Each
0055050In-Situ LT300 BackShell Kit, TwistLockEach
104466Solinst 101 Replacement Tape, P2/M2 for 50-Foot Water Level MeterEach
107466200-FootTape for Model 122 Interface Meter, No ProbeEach
110487Solinst 101 Water Level Meter Replacement Tape, P7/LM2/200 FeetEach
58112-00LDO Sensor Cap Replacement Kit (iButton, Cap Seal & Probe Tip O-Ring)Each
605103pH/ORP Sensor (Professional Plus)Each
605202Galvanic DO Sensor (Professional Plus, Pro 20)Each
605203Polarographic DO Sensor (Professional Plus, Pro 20)Each
CDC401-01HACH Conductivity IntelliCAL Probe, 1-Meter Cable (Digital, Graphite, 4-Pole Conductivity Probe)Each
LDO101-01HACH Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Rugged IntelliCAL Probe, 1-Meter Cable (Digital)Each
LDO101-05HACH Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Rugged IntelliCAL Probe, 5-Meter Cable (Digital)Each
PHC101-01HACH pH Standard Gel Probe, 1-Meter Cable (Digital)Each
PHC10105HACH pH Rugged Gel Probe, 5-Meter CableEach

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