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HACH Myron L Company
Horiba YSI
Ion Science
Manufacturer Model Description AvailabilityFor Sale
HACH DR890 Colorimeter, >90 Analytical Methods, Data Transfer Adapter CallX
HACH HQ40D Water Quality Meter, Gel-Filled pH, Conductivity & LDO Probes CallX
HACH HQ40D Water Quality Meter, Gel-Filled pH & Rugged LDO Probes (No Case) CallX
HACH HQ40D 53115000 Water Quality Meter, Rugged pH Probe Immediate ShipX
HACH HQ40D53101315 Water Quality Meter, Gel-Filled pH & Rugged LDO Probes Immediate ShipX
HACH HachLink 2000 Windows Application Software for HACH Meters CallX
Horiba B-173 Compact Twin Conductivity Meter CallX
Horiba B-213 Compact Twin pH Meter CallX
Ion Science PHA-100+ PetroSense Water & Vapor Analyzer, TPH & BTEX Immediate ShipX
Ion Science PHA-100W PetroSense Water Analyzer, TPH & BTEX CallX
Myron L Company 4PII 5948.004 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter Immediate ShipX
Myron L Company 6PII 5948.006 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter CallX
YSI 30-10 Conductivity Meter, 10-Foot Cable Immediate ShipX
YSI 30-25 - 5520 Conductivity Meter, 25-Foot Cable CallX
YSI 55-25 Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Meter, 25-Foot Cable (No Case) CallX

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